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How it Works

The short version:

Robots. 🤖

The slightly-longer version:

1. You find your stolen content on the internet. Frick.

2. You copy the link and email it to our robots.

3. Our robots receive it, do some robot stuff with it, & send a takedown notice on your behalf.

This is awesome because it:
Saves you timeProtects your private informationReduces your liability

The long version:

After you sign up, we'll give you a contact email address. You'll report your pirated content to our robots using this email address.

If they don't understand your messages, they may ask you to clarify. The robots around here are pretty smart, but they really only do one thing super well (don't tell them I said that). So if they get jammed up, us humans will step in to keep things running smoothly.

After receiving your message, the robots will check our database to see if we have information about the site where your unauthorized content is being hosted. If so, the robot will take the links from your email, pull the site's DMCA/copyright contact information from the database, document the original content source (e.g., your website), mix it all with some specific formatting and language in conformance with pertinent laws, and send it to the site. To keep you in the loop, the robots will CC you on takedown emails.

If the robots can't find the reported site in our database, they'll ping a team of humans to go find the needed information, put it in the database, and then nudge the robots to resume. The robots, pleased by their power to make humans do their bidding, will then proceed as described above and send your takedown notice.

In addition to being super convenient and quick, these email robots also protect your privacy by signing each takedown notice with the name of our human CEO, rather than your legal name. Site hosts and other internet entities are known to publish the personal details of individuals sending takedown notices, so using our own details helps to protect your privacy. It also reduces your risk of legal liability for pesky things like perjury and financial damages.


🦄 Keep it simple

🤖 Hire a robot

🕵️ Guard your privacy

⏳ Save time

🚨 Reduce your liability

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